Apr 7, 2010

MIT’s wireless glove mouse ~ compute by gestures in 3D

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This isn’t the very first glove mouse we’ve confronted. Given that it isn’t the prettiest of them all, you may overlook. Hold, this isn’t just another glove mouse, this unlike the other, uses the users arm gestures to move the cursor on screen in 3D. Developed by researchers Tony Hyun Kim and Nevada Sanchez of MIT, this is a pair of gloves which lets the users hand gestures with both left and right hand, that – all wirelessly. The system would respond to the gloves more like the multi-touch displays, with this difference that the user can use a wide space as the interface. We aren’t really sure of the wireless distance the gloves can operate from, but to read details of this Wii-style glove mouse, check here. Video demonstration after the jump.


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