Apr 10, 2010

13 functional robots that really transform

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nissan gtr transformer_rsehj_25016
Some toys that we play with as kids leave a lasting impression on us, and when that’s replicated on the silver screen, the desire in us adults, let alone the kids, just sky rockets. Transformers is one such genre, that after Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, has increased the want to own robots that can transform into cars, even more. There are some who live the passion off the shelves, while some go ahead and build one for themselves. This entire compilation is to appreciate the creators and their creations, and more importantly to satiate our desperation to own transformer robots; it could even entice you further, so just beware.

Real-life Humvee Transformer
humvee robot transformer
Humvee Transformer rather loosely as “Humvee Biloid,” is capable of switching between robot mode and vehicle mode at the push of a button. The robot gets its “vision” from a camera. And well, as we said, it likes to dance. About 20 seconds into the video, with conversion from vehicle mode to robot mode complete, the robot starts dancing.
Kevmag 2000 Transformer
transformer robot_w5naq_54
Kevmag 2000, a transformer robot, developed for a robotics class is barely 12-inch from the ground but is well constructed to morph into a robot (with arms flung wide open) from a motorized truck, managed by the creator using a laptop.
Bumblebee costume Transformer
bumblebee tranformer costume
People may go around in Bumblebee costumes that don’t ever “transform” or even Bumblebee edition cars, again, without any transformation. Well, this Bumblebee suit should up a whole lot of other costumes, because this one actually does transform into a car.
WR-07 Transformer
wr 07
WR-07 by Nakamura-san at Himeji Soft Works in Japan is a robot which transforms into a car. The creation has us drooling over it, and even you would after the video below.
Norton Commando Transformer
norton commando transformer_yffop_5965
Norton Commando Transformer robot was created by Steve Twist for his Undergraduate Degree course in Computer Visualisation And Animation at the Bournemouth University. The project took a long eight months, but the outcome is worth all the time.
Nissan GT-R and Audi R8 transformers
gtr autobot_oo6fm_5965
Only transformers toys, these put two of the most popular cars of the day in the shape of the popular extraterrestrial bots. The Nissan GT-R autobot looks cool and real enough, a well executed project. The Audi R8, however, isn’t that lucky; the decepticon R8 isn’t all that good, and if it were to ever face the GT-R autobot, the R8 decepticon would be in big trouble.
gtr autobot_bhka9_5965
Van-fire-breathing Transformer
wicked evolution jr_peyvv_5965
From Wicked Evolution this 750-pounds remote-controlled van is capable of transforming into a 6.5-foot tall, fire-breathing robot. Using hydraulics and linear actuators to leave the retro-monstrous shape to transform into a showstopper breathing out flames, the Autobot’s actually worth the claim.
wicked evolution jr_thgnt_5965
Warthog transformer
warthog transformer_nyxoa_5965
This one comes from Halo and transforms from the Master Chief into the Warthog LRV. The five and a quarter inches tall Master Chief has a number of weapons like the Sniper Rifle, Spike Grenade, and Warthog turret. The seller built the transformer from a McFarlane Master Chief figure, an Actionclix Wartog and an Autobot Hound transformer.
warthog transformer
Kevmag 2000 Transformer
kevmag 2000 transformer
The Kevmag 2000 Transformer robot is 12-inches high when in robot mode, and it can quickly change to truck mode. Its arms flip and go backwards to move out of the way when it goes into truck mode, and if you put the robot on its back, it flips its legs to get into the right position and then uses its arms to go upright.
OmniZero.9 Transformer
The OmniZero.9 impresses for sure, even though it wouldn’t be the best in the transformers race. The tough guy, OmniZero.9 is a bipedal robot, which wears two large wheels on the shoulders and two small ones on the knees to carry its creator. Weighing only 55lbs and not taller than 3.5 feet, the robot is good to transform into a rolling vehicle, with the head tilting back for the seat.
Gogic Racer Transformer
gogic racer quad 440
An extension kit for Gogic Five allows the later to transform from a walking, talking menace to a four-on-the-floor racer. The robot racer add-on is available in Japan for ¥8,400 or about $72 — that’s about $300 for the entire kit. It’s worth the watch and money if you have some spare on you.
Classic Optimus Prime Transformer
limited edition henkei optimus4_46lxx_54
If transformers fanaticism drives you crazy, then you’ll definitely take home this classic robot toy that transforms into a truck. Accessible from KOtoys store, only 250 of them are available.
optimus prime henkei transformer 5_54
LEGO Transformer
lego transformer
This isn’t one of those mechanical transformation, nonetheless the LEGO transformer is undoubted worth a mention here in the list. Made entirely in LEGO – here a police car transforms into a giant robot.
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