May 31, 2010

How to see 3D photos

Note: This technique will be impossible for some people. If you have poor eye control, a dramatic disparity in eye function or anything along those lines, you may not be able to see the 3D effect no matter how much you practice.
Now that we’ve cleared that up, lets learn how to see in 3D!

Stereo Pairs

To see a 3D image, each eye needs to see a different view. There are ways to take photos like this, but I’ll talk about that another time. When the two slightly different images are processed, they are placed side-by-side so that the viewer can use a special “crossed-eye” technique to overlap them, and see both views together in 3D.
Below is an animation that simulates what it looks like when you view these images in 3D. The instructions follow.

How to do it

      Why crossed eyes? When overlapping stereo pairs without special glasses, you can get the 3D effect by crossing your eyes or diverging your eyes. I prefer the crossed eye method. I find it easier to control, and it is possible to view larger 3D images than with the diverging technique.
  • Sit square in front of your monitor, with the image directly in front of you, at about arm’s length
  • Sitting further back makes it easier – you don’t need to cross your eyes as much – but makes the image look smaller
  • Make sure you keep your head level horizontally, tilting your head will prevent you from merging the images
  • While keeping the stereo pair of images in the centre of your vision, slowly cross your eyes
  • The stereo pair will go out of focus and you will seem to see four images, as shown in the animation above
  • If you find it hard to cross your eyes, it can help to hold a pen in front of you and look at the tip with the stereo pair in the background
  • Gradually cross your eyes more and more – if using a pen to assist, start it close to the monitor and move it towards your nose
  • Continue crossing your eyes more, untill the centre two of the four images overlap and you see three blurry images, as in the animation above
  • Try and hold the centre image together – it is possible to “lock” it in place and see it as one image
  • The “locked” centre image should appear in 3D!
  • Now the tricky part, focus – while holding the 3D image in place, relax your eyes – drop the pen from your field of view if you are using it
  • If you can keep the 3D image locked and relax your eyes, it should eventually pop into focus, as in the last frame of the animation above
What you are doing here is causing your eyes to look at a space between you and the monitor, but focusing the lenses on the monitor. Our eyes never naturally need to do this, so it can be tricky to do at first.

Try it!

Try and see the 3D effect yourself with the stereo pair below.
How did you go? If you were able to see the effect, congratulations! It really is very striking isn’t it? If you couldn’t manage to do it after trying for a while, leave it aside and try again tomorrow. It can be tricky to get the first time, but the majority of people can do it. If you find you are unable to see the 3D effect no matter how many times you try, then it may be that you are one of the few who for whatever reason will never be able to do it. I have no idea why, some people can’t curl their tongues! *shrug*

May 29, 2010

Download Free SwfModify To Edit Flash Files

SwfModify is a tiny program which allows the users to edit and rebuild flash file regardless whether they are a little initiated or totally ignorant in flash editing. The program has been designed with an intuitive user friendlyinterface for easy to use. The program allows the users to replace virtual item in their .swf file and save it to the new flash file.

SwfModify includes the following features:
  • Able to view and modify SWF files.
  • Able to delete item from flash movie.
  • Replace item with picture and text.
  • Replace item with other flash item.
  • Export shape, movie clip and sound resource.
SwfModify works well with most of the Windows platform including Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Window 7. This flash editing tool is available as a free download from here. To start the flash editing, the users just need to open their flash file and edit current frame or all frames. One completed, the users can view their edited flash in the player before save it to the new flash file.

May 25, 2010

Download Accelerator Plus




Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) will accelerate the speed with which you can receive files over the Internet using FTP and HTTP protocols by simultaneously downloading several file segments from the same or different servers.

Download Accelerator Plus enables you to pause and resume downloads, and to recover from a dropped Internet connection.

In addition, DAP searches for mirrors and implements the downloads from the best or most responsive mirrors. It is configured by default to automatically Integrate into your Explorer or Netscape browser when it is installed, and to self-activate each time a download is performed.

Full Speed AND Security! Only with Download Accelerator Plus 8.5 !
Up to 400% faster downloads!
Get the ultimate speed with up to 10 connections per download!
DAP Premium privacy suite ensures your download activity remains discreet!
Direct download with fewer windows for extensive downloaders.
While downloading Zip files see what they contain!
And more . . .
Supported Browsers IE 7.x | 5.x | 6.x Netscape 6.x | 7.x Opera 5 | 6 Mozilla | Firefox
Supported Platforms Windows 98 / ME / XP / NT4 / 2000 / Windows Vista

* New security check by ZoneAlarm for every site & application you download!
* New Tabbed downloading!
* Up to 400% faster downloads.
* Resume broken downloads!
* Preview files while you download.
* NEW and improved interface!
* Daily downloads recommended by DAP users!

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May 24, 2010

HAL's Light Combat Helicopter makes grand debut


The Light Combat Helicopter at its launch
The first indigenously built Light Combat Helicopter (LCH), designed and developed by the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL), made its inaugural flight here on Sunday.
Defence Minister A.K. Antony, his deputy Pallam Raju and Chief of Air Staff P.V. Naik, who were scheduled to participate in the inaugural, did not take part because of Saturday's plane disaster in Mangalore.
The rotary wing design gave the copter its high degree of manoeuvrability. “Delivering a copter like this is no mean achievement when seen in the international context,” Air Marshal Barbora said.
The Main noted things are
  •  A dedicated attack helicopter designed to meet the operational needs of the armed forces.
  • State-of-the-art weapons and mission sensors.
  • a lethal,agile and stealthy combat helicopter.

It is the rough road that leads to the heights of success. Proud to be an INDIAN


Professional Looking Motion/Blur Effect for Your Images

In this tutorial we’re going to show you how to create a very popular motion blur effect used in many magazine and various other professionally crafted images

1. Open your target image in photoshop, as always the greater the resolution of the image you’re working with, the greater it will demonstrate the effect.

2. First step is to create a copy of your layer, to do this simply drag your existing layer to the new layer button in the layers palette.

3. With our new layer selected, navigate to ‘Filter -> Blur -> Radial Blur’ on the main menu. In the ‘Radial Blur’ dialog, set your blur settings as follows. You can adjust the ‘Amount’ and ‘Quality’ settings as you wish, depending the effect you are going for. My example uses the following settings pictured here:

4. Our image should now look something like this:

5. Next, we’re going to take the eraser tool and use it to expose our subject beneath the blur. With our new layer selected simply use the eraser tool to remove the blur from our subject and expose our orginal layer below.
The brush size you use will depend on the size of your image, my brush settings are as pictured.
Eraser Tool Settings

6. Now we should really see our effect taking shape. I’ve erased away the blur from the my baseball player and left the radiating blur effect around him.

7. Finally, navigate to ‘Image -> Adjustments -> Levels’ on the main menu. Here we will adjust our color levels to further enhance the effect, again depending on the image you’re working on, your settings will most likely differ from mine however simply adjust the levels setting the by dragging the level indicators circled below until you’re happy with the effect. These are the settings I used:

8. Voila! Our finished effect. I’ve added some text which of course is totally up to you depending on the project you’re creating.

Top 7 Rubik's Cube solving Robots

Now the fight is between the fully automated, super-tech and super fast robots. Solving the Rubik’s Cube is no more a brainstorming time pass, but it has staked the ingenuity of geeks, who constantly strive to develop the fastest Rubik’s Cube Solving robot. Let’s checkout from the list below, which one is the leading Rubik’s bot so far.
7. Tilted Twister
tilted twister rubiks cube robot
Built from the Lego Mindstorms NXT Retail-kit, the Tilted Twister one minute in scanning the cube, about 40 seconds in calculating the solution and another five minutes in executing the moves. So, on an average it solves the cube in ix minutes.

6. Rucus
rucus rubiks cube robot
Rucus has been engineered by the engineering students at Austria’s Carinthia University of Applied Sciences. It can fix the cube in mere 2 minutes! Impressed? Hold your excitement, as even better bots are queued up below.

5. RuBot II
rubot ii
Developed by Pete Redmond from Dublin, the RuBot II is an Android robot with cameras and pneumatic arms. It usually solves the cube in 35 to 50 seconds.

4. Motorola Droid Lego NXT
lego nxt
The Lego Robot has been created by David Gilday, who built it using an ARM Powered Android Motorola Droid mobile phone, a LEGO Mindstorms NXT and LEGO pieces. It does the trick in 24 seconds.

3. Rubik’s Cube Utopia
lego rubik utopia
Danny’s Rubik Cube Utopia features “optical zeroing on both wrists and a torque-based limit switch on both grabbers”. Plus it uses 2 NXT bricks (communicating via Bluetooth), 4 servomotors and 2 light sensors. It solves the cube in about 15 seconds.

2. CubeStormer
Developed by RoboticSolutions, the giant CubeStormer can scan and solve “any 3×3x3 Rubik’s Cube combination in under 12 seconds.”

1. Kawasaki Cube-Kun
kawasaki rubiks cube robot
Kawasaki Cube-Kun is claimed to fix the cube in just six seconds. It features built-in sensors, a large flat-panel display, but you hardly get to see the moves, as the cube is fixed within a few blinks.

May 22, 2010

First Pics: Mangalore Air Tragedy

First Pics: Mangalore Air Tragedy
(Image courtesy: Mangesh | yahoo)

An Air India Express aircraft from Dubai overshot the runway while landing at the Mangalore airport and crashed on early Saturday mroning. According to some reports there was a tyre burst, which made it difficult for the pilot to bring the aircraft to a halt.

The flight reportedly had around 160 members on board.

According to Airport official Peter Abraham, high casualty rate is expected.

Firefighters were rushed to the sight and rescue operations were on.

This is one of India's biggest air disasters.

Norton Internet Security 2008

Norton Internet Security 2008
Key Technologies

* Spyware protection
* Anti virus
* Antispam and Parental Controls **
* Two-Way Firewall

* Advanced Phishing Protection
* Intrusion Prevention
* Rootkit Detection


* Spyware protection: detects and eliminates spyware
* Removes viruses and Internet worms automatically
* Anti virus security: protects email and instant messaging from viruses
* Protects against hackers
* Blocks identity theft by phishing Web sites
* Improved performance delivers faster starts and scans. NEW
* One click access to expert support. NEW
* Network security monitoring helps protect your wireless network. NEW
* Norton Identity Safe delivers enhanced identity theft protection. NEW
* Works quietly in the background. NEW
* Prevents virus-infected emails from spreading
* Rootkit detection searches underneath the operating system using patented technology
* Includes protection updates and new product features as available throughout the renewable service period ***
* On-going Protection option automatically renews your subscription ****

Award-Winning Protection

* May 2008 PC World: The 100 Best Products of 2008
* February 2008 Computer Shopper's "Shopper's Choice Awards":
Best Software for Internet Security
* December 2007 PC Magazine: Best Software of the Year
* December 2007 PC World: PC World Best Buy
* September 2007 PC Magazine: Editors' Choice Award *****
* January 2007 LAPTOP Magazine: Editors' Choice Award
* January 2007 Computer Shopper Magazine: Best Internet Security Software
* January 2007 Small Business Computing: Product Excellence Award
* November 2006 PC Magazine: Best of 2006
* October 2006 PC Magazine: Editors' Choice Award *****
* May 2006 Reader’s Choice Award
* May 2006 PC World: Best Buy Award


Windows Vista® Home Basic/ Home Premium/Business/Ultimate †
Windows® XP with Service Pack 2 Home/XP Pro/XP Media Center
Designed for Windows

* 300MHz or higher processor
* 256MB of RAM
* 350MB of available hard disk space

† Must meet minimum Windows Vista operating system requirements.
Email scanning supported for POP3 and SMTP compatible email clients.
Supported instant messenger clients:

* AOL® – 4.7 to 5.9
* Yahoo!® – 5.x and 6.x
* Microsoft® – 6.0 or higher
* Trillian™ – 3.1 or higher

Internet browsers (phishing protection)

* Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0 (32-bit only) or higher
* Mozilla® Firefox® 2.0 or higher



May 21, 2010

Create Silky Smooth Waterfalls

n this Adobe Photoshop tutorial, we're going to look at how to give waterfalls a silky smooth appearance, as if the photo was taken with a longer exposure which would normally require the use of a neutral density filter.
Here's the photo I'll be starting with:
The original image
And here's the finished "silky smooth" effect:
The final result

Let's get started.

Step 1: Draw A Selection Around The Waterfall

With your image open in Photoshop, grab your Lasso tool from the Tools palette:
Selecting the Lasso tool from Photoshop's Tools palette.
Select the Lasso tool from the Tools palette.
You can also press the letter L on your keyboard to quickly select it.
Then, with the Lasso tool selected, drag a selection around your waterfall. It doesn't have to be surgically precise, but try not to stray too far from the edges of the waterfall:
Using the Lasso tool to drag a selection around the waterfall.
Use the Lasso tool to drag a selection around the waterfall.
If you need help with making selections, check out our Unlock The Full Power Of Basic Selections tutorial.

Step 2: Copy the Selection Onto Its Own Layer

With the waterfall selected, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+J (Win) / Command+J (Mac) to copy it onto its own layer above the Background layer. You won't see anything happen in the Document Window, but if you look in the Layers palette, you'll see the waterfall on a new layer:
The waterfall is now on a new layer above the Background layer.
Press "Ctrl+J" (Win) / "Command+J" (Mac) to copy the waterfall onto a new layer.

Step 3: Apply The Motion Blur Filter To The New Layer

With our waterfall now copied to its own layer, we can create our "silky smooth" effect by applying the "Motion Blur" filter to it. To do that, go up to the Filter menu at the top of the screen, select Blur, and then select Motion Blur. This brings up the Motion Blur dialog box:
Photoshop's Motion Blur filter dialog box.
Photoshop's "Motion Blur" dialog box.
Adjust the Angle of the blur so it matches the angle at which the water is falling. In most cases, this would be 90°, since water would normally fall straight down. In my case, since the water is rushing so quickly over the edge, it's actually falling at a bit of an angle, so I've set my blur angle to -77°. The easiest way to match your blur angle to the water is to click inside the Angle value box and then increase or decrease the value one degree at a time using the up or down arrow keys on your keyboard, which is what I've done.
Once you've set the correct angle, drag the Distance slider at the bottom until your waterfall looks nice and silky. I've dragged mine to a value of 73 pixels, which gives me a nice effect.
Here's my image after applying the Motion Blur filter:
The image after applying the Motion Blur filter.
The image after applying Motion Blur.

Beware! Windows 7 Trojan disguised as Upgrade Advisor program

Couple of days back the alleged Yahoo IM worm made all the news, and now it’s the Windows 7 Trojan that is spreading on systems like anything. The infected program is disguised as compatibility checker tool in an email attachment that vouches as Upgrade Advisor for Windows 7 OS. For Windows 7 users it is the perfect bate, as everyone these days is eager to know about Windows 7 compatible drivers and whether their hardware is compatible to run Windows 7 optimally. Extracting the contents of the zip folder attachment can spell doom’s day for your system as it installs Trojan.Generic.3783603 on to your Windows PC. In addition to that it installs root-kits that allow hackers to take control of your system remotely, turning it into a zombie system.
The social engineering elements of this Trojan spreading mechanism is very potent, so we can expect the number of system’s infected by this false email to rise rapidly in coming days. To avoid this kind of Malware to infect your system don’t open any such email’s from unknown contacts.
To check-out the legitimate Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor guide click here.

May 19, 2010

Rain Photography

Most photographers do not feel comfortable in taking photographs in bad weather. Yet bad weather sometimes presents the perfect opportunity to get most out of our skills. In particular, in the beginning of autumn rain can provide the perfect opportunity to capture wonderful photos.
Shooting in rain produces dramatic atmosphere and soft romantic scenes. Whether you are after lightning strikes or water drops, alone the incredible cloud formations can produce quite exciting and impressive photos. Reflections can occasionally produce mirrors or blurs of dancing colors, making the photography in rain beautiful and unpredictable.
Below we present over 35 beautiful examples of rain photography. This post is supposed to provide you with some inspiration for rainy motifs and is not supposed to be the ultimate collection of best photographs. There are definitely thousands of beautiful “rainy” photos &ndsash; feel free to share links to them in comments to this post!
All photos are linked and lead to the sources from which they were taken. Please feel free to explore further works of these photographers on their Flickr collections or their personal sites.

Rain Photography

2120931169 19177415c2 in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
Ladybug in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
Leaves in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
City in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
Teamwork in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
Drops in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
2566862408 D51eaf45ec in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
Lightning Over The Capital City in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
Beautiful Night In Rome in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
Macro in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
Boat in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
Torr in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
Flower in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
Sol in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
Tschai in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
Cast in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
2566812322 257cf99c14 in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
Time in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
Green in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
Radu in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
Mad in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
Umbrella in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
2414413786 4502eb3eef in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
Silent Conversation With The Sky in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
Iridescence in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
54113300 5468f997dd in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
2613013907 C92c69c24e in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
2757417016 61c59eb0cd in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
536728059 C0b49cc08c in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
2374994242 019bce7ba5 in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
2741267529 119af4fcef in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
Silent Conversation in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
Cloud Attack in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
Gabicce Mare in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography
Kiss in 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography



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