Apr 5, 2010

Apple iPad a deal or just an ordeal

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Since that 28th day of January 2010, the world had only lived on the images, speculations, videos, rumors and just anything that anyone could come-up with in context to the Apple iPad. This device that’s consumed the best from laptops, smartphones, game consoles, e-books, iPods and the iPhones to befall as the iPad is here with a fingerprint-resistant 9.7-inch LED IPS multi-touch (1024 x768) display running 1GHz Apple-built A4 processor, in a 0.5 inches thick and just 1.5 pounds body. Up on sale in the US, the crazy fellows of the opportune world finally have their hands on the revolutionary (that it hopes to be) and most eagerly awaited gadget of 2010. While some have bought it, and the ones that have pre-ordered collecting their buy from the Apple Store, the ones that are doubt gaga over it may just want to know the ins-and-outs before they go ahead buying the iPad. So we have a compilation of facts, reasons and justification to help you make your mind before you go ahead.
Hands on:
• Feels just like a huge and heavier iPhone in the hand
• Great processer speed. Surfing on Safari browser is breeze, web pages opens super fast.
• Scoring is smooth and so is zooming in and out just you’d do on the iPhone
• Moving in and out of the apps is very swift
• Thousands of downloadable apps and games available
• A great responsiveness, graphics, and sharp resolution to enhance the gaming experience
• iBook: Well-executed E-book feature - up with the best readers, the visual features and resolution really add to the experience
• No multitasking, so you can’t do much with all that power. This also means you can’t streaming Pandora when working on Pages
• Nice keyboard but not very responsive
• No camera means no video conferencing
• No Flash means no Hulu, and some sites with animation wont load
• No USB ports
• Comes only with sync cable and power adaptor
What’s inside?
• iPhone Operating system 3.2
• 1GHz Apple-built A4 CPU
• Removable battery
• Single board embedded Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
• Dual stereo sound speaker system
fcc ipad internals 1 1
ipad teardown 1
Why you should “or” shouldn’t buy:
ipad buying tip infographic
Tech Spec:
apple ipad inforgraphic
ipad pricing
Yes the iPad is probably the first and by all given standards the best in the tablet genre thus far, there are various other companies that are readying their own tablets/slates to take on iPad’s market share.
Notion Ink Adam
A Hyderabad based six-man startup Notion Ink has developed an Adam tablet PC. The Android based tablet is being tipped as the Apple iPad killer. This vast image is carried forward by Adam with its Nvidia Tegra chipset and the PixelQi display, the two facets which make the tablet highly efficient and take it a stride ahead of the iPad, this because the Adam would achieve twice the battery life and performance of the iPad. The 10-inch Adam’s PixelQi screen allows the users to use it to read in the sunlight with the need of backlight, while the Nvidia Tegra chipset provides the tablet with the ability to play Flash and full HD videos.
HP Slate
hp 2_zb6dt_54
HP Slate is a tablet PC from Hewlett-Packard which Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer showed off in his opening keynote at CES. Running the new Windows 7 Operating System, the HP Slate personal computer is a whole new entertainment device that’ll set perfect standards for reading and web surfing on the go. The HP Slate could be here anytime in 2010.
Fusion Garage JooJoo 
joojoo tablet ships_mqfdj_54
Fusion Garage has been bold enough to ship the JooJoo tablet, which was up for pre-order since early December last year. For all wise who’ve preordered the tablet, the JooJoo will be available beginning Monday March 29, but others who were waiting for the shipping to begin, $499 is what the tablet would demand. There’s no word on how long a new order would take in delivery for the 12.1-inch capacitive touchscreen JooJoo that’s powered by an Intel Atom processor and features NVIDIA Ion graphics and a custom UI.
Dell Mini 5
dell internet tablet slate announced 4_melye_54
Dell has revealed its own little tablet PC. This one with only a 5-inch screen will run on Android OS and is for now called the Dell Slate. Dell is believed to be working on similar devices with ‘different screen sizes and form factors,’ but we guess, the 5-inch device with built-in SIM card option and 5MP camera too would be pretty good for web surfing and other similar functions.
Microsoft Courier
03 05 10courier2 thumb 550x336 35138_tvzbe_54
Microsoft Courier is a dual-screen book-type tablet PC. See the image below for specs that pitch the Courier as Microsoft’s e-book reader.
apple ipad vs microsoft courier_ugkqc_54
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