May 5, 2011

Incredibly Captured Photo Moments You May Have Never Seen Before

Photography is a most popular way to beautify your photographs and bring life to them. All you have to do is dig deep enough into your imagination and come up with new and exciting ideas on how to make a lifeless photo look extremely incredible. You can satisfy your hunger of creativity with Amazing Photography Shots.
Today, we are showing you 26 Cool Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before. I appreciate to all those talented photographers who taken these excellent photos with their efforts, imaginations and creativity to give us a chance to see these photographic wonders from their creative eyes.

Iguazu waterfalls,
Cool Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before

S w e e t L a d y by paline
Cool Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before
Gustaw by alejka
Cool Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before
gambecchio by FrancoBorsiWildLife
Cool Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before

Meet Brunhilda
by ~Dark-Raptor

Cool Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before
Sunset 1 by Liam515
Cool Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before

Still Life
by Bleeding-Amaranth

Cool Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before
Season opened by Rapierr
Cool Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before

strawberry in milk
by sp333d1
Cool Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before

Pretty Yellow Flower
by Almostdefinitely
Cool Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before
Birdy by ~kauf-mich
Cool Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before
Lastborn by *Rustmouth
Cool Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before
Sitting Pretty-2 by *gemlenz
Cool Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before
Signal by ~mrizalcs
Cool Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before
Improvement by *Luckinsky
Cool Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before
Burnout by ~Gaisano

Cool Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before
sapphire by ~monariza
Cool Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before
Autumn Reflection II

Gulls Meeting Sunrise by *DeingeL

Cool Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before
Crossing worlds by denkyo
Cool Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before

Land of the Rising Moon

Cool Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before

Cool Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before
Twin Water Falls
Cool Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before
The Wine Glass Travels to Red Rock Canyon
Cool Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before

Cool Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before

Apr 7, 2011

Steampunk Flash Drives: The Coolest Way to Store Your Data

I have to admit that I have seen hundreds of different efforts to create the coolest USB memory stick. Some of them were very close and some of them were far away from creative but, when I saw those ones, I just said there is no need to search anymore and I am sure that a plenty of steampunk enthusiasts will share my opinion.

Yes, finally someone has got an idea to create a steampunk USB flash drive. As you can see from attached photos, we talk here about three different designs of USB flash drive. While watching them, I cannot decide which one is better from others. All of them are made from wood and decorated with metal gear wheels and other similar details which are giving them an unique and oldish look. I am sure that acquiring one of these would cost you a whole fortune.
source: back2root

Mar 19, 2011

The most promising green inventions of 2010

green inventions
The green revolution has gained a lot of momentum in recent years and this year was the most promising of them all. We saw some most innovative, promising, and functional innovations making a break-through in 2010. All of them are contributing to a greener earth and provide great solutions to handle changes in our ecosystem. Here are 10 amazing innovations that won a lot of appreciation for their green credentials.
1. nPower Personal Energy Generator
npower personal energy generator
nPower has developed what they call the PEG, the word’s very first Personal Energy Generator that allows you to be your own recharging station for all your USD enabled devices. This portable kinetic energy generator based on a wave energy converter powers electronic devices as you walk, run, hike or bike. PEG is compatible with well over 3,000 different electronic devices and can get an 80% charge in one hour entirely through your own energy.
2. Xeros Waterless Washing Machine
xeros waterless washing machine
Washing clothes normally consumes a lot of water. What if I say that a cup is enough to wash a normal load of clothes and you don’t need waste huge buckets of water to wash your filthy clothes anymore? You won’t believe it unless some experts prove it actually. The researchers at the Leeds University have devised such an eco-friendly washing machine that uses 90% less water. The latest technology developed by Xeros uses nylon polymer beads to attract the dirt and simply lock it up. This machine is comparatively 30% more energy efficient than the ordinary machines.
3. Nurture Neo Incubator
nurture neo incubator
We have seen numerous cases were premature babies have a hard time regulating their body temperature, which can lead to organ failure and death. To reduce the incidence of death among such babies, a group of American students invented the Nurture Neo incubator. What’s interesting about this device is the fact that is made from recycled car parts. Capable of being powered by a motorcycle battery, this incubator’s headlights provide warming incubator, a fan provides air circulation board, lights flashing and the door alarm system is used to warn doctors in case the heating system fails.
4. Solar toothbrush
solar toothbrush
Researchers at University of Saskatchewan in collaboration with Japanese company Shiken have developed he world’s first high technology toothbrush called the “Soladey-J3X”. The brush has a solar panel at its base that transmits electrons to the top of the toothbrush through a lead wire. These electrons react with acid in the mouth, which helps break down plaque. Hence, fighting oral problem without toothpaste.
5. Diet Watt
diet watt
Those who callously waste power and aggravate environmental pollution will now be transformed to environmentalists, but with a little twist. Hyun Joo Lee and Eu Tteum Lee are all set to put those lackadaisical nerds on a guilt trip and encourage them to conserve rather than misusing resources. The duo’s design called the DIET WATT is here to do the job for them. This electricity meter alerts the users about excessive electricity consumption, in addition to the information about energy usage.
6. Solar plant
solar plant
The Solar Plant is a special plant that is capable of converting the sunlight into electric energy. It is actually a kind of charger that exploits solar energy for portable electronic gadgets. The flowerpot-shaped charger transforms unlimited sunlight into electricity by photosynthesis. It photosynthesizes using solar panels mounted on top that gather energy. The eco-friendly energy produced by the Solar plant can be used to charge your gadgets whenever and wherever you want. The Solar Plant is kind of an electric plant that needs sunlight like the real ones.
7. Elevated Bus
elevated bus
Elevated bus is China’s answer to notorious traffic and road congestion. Combing the best features of subways and buses, this single mass-transportation vehicle rides above traffic rather than in it. Standing 4.5 meters and built on two levels, this vehicle is powered by electricity or solar energy, can reach a bus speed 60kmph while transporting passengers between 1200 and 1400.
8. Spray-on polymers powered e-reader
spray on polymers powered e reader
Scientists at the University of Florida have developed a new spray-on polymer that could lead to the development of e-readers that can display content in every color of the rainbow. Moreover, with added solar technology, the same polymer can power anything from simple consumer devices to even homes and businesses. The technology could eventually lead to full-color e-readers, color changing billboards and signs.
9. Scubster
Designed by Minh-Loc Truong and Stephane Rousson, the Scubster is a muscle-powered submarine will be an exploration tool for scuba divers and Scientifics working in the oceanographic field. Made from carbon fiber, this yellow watercraft requires to be pedaled with legs, which in turn drives the blades on each side of the sub through a customized gear mechanism and belt drive from a Strida bike. It is directed using controls inside the pilot compartments and is capable of moving at a speed of 10kph.
10. Solar-powered refrigerator
solar powered refrigerator
Nicolas Hubert’s External Refrigerator is an unusual outdoor installation relies on solar power to chill your food. While the refrigerator relies on solar panels to power the built-in cooling system when it is sunny outside, it cools your eatables naturally in cold weather. Aside from slashing your fridge’s carbon footprint to zero, the absolute space saver – as it can easily hang on the outside walls – frees some valuable space for you.

Feb 27, 2011

Volkswagen’s two Italdesign Giugiaro concepts leaked

vw italdesign 09_kpsah_37329
The Sneak peek
The Swiss auto market is abuzz with suggestions that Italdesign-Giugiaro studio under the hood of Volkswagen is about unveil its twin débutants in the upcoming Geneva Motor Show on March 2011. Rife speculations are pulsating that these two concept cars are probably of the league of the Volkswagen Golf and Volkswagen Polo. Following the May 2010 acquisition of Italdesign-Giugiaro studio owned by Giorgetto Giuigiaro, the Volkswagen Auto Group with these designs are all set to re-capture the hearts and market of auto-lovers around the globe.

First take
Even so, going by the elegance of the new concepts from Italdesign-Giugiaro, they completely suit the German auto manufacturer’s sophisticated and plush design techniques. Cameras instead of side mirrors speak volumes about its profound techno suaveness. The straight-cut structural lines, striking magnitude and futuristic LED headlights are sure to twirl automobile interests.
Volkswagen being the first car manufacturer to apply ISO 14000 and based on its earlier talks to build more compact hybrid electric vehicles, optimistically the two new models would be of hybrid or electric concept.
Presently the designs available are computer-generated images so confirmed specific details are absent; but following the graphic exposé it can be said that the first design is that of a tall and slender five-door hatchback facade with a seating array for four, while the second one with a lower roofline, vibrant cuts appears more to be a sporty three-door model.
Reference Links: Google, kilometermagazine, carscoop
The rumor mongers
Car advice
Although details are sketchy at this stage, the absence of exhaust guidelines in the photos might well suggest that these two concepts to be electric driven.
The teaser images released to rouse up the interest in Italdesign-Giugiaro studio designed Volkswagen has not released any real details but they could well belong to the next generation of super cars going by the market buzz.
Car scoop
We cannot tell for sure, but it is possible that these two cars are roughly the same size as the Polo.
All speculations await the actual unveiling of these two cars are at the Swiss motor show next month till then we are hopeful of the potential fiery consequences of the imaginative ideas of Italdesign-Giugiaro’s amalgamated to the specialized team of VW Group.

Volkswagen’s Italdesign giugiaro studio Picture Gallery

 italdesign giugiaro 1 italdesign giugiaro 2 italdesign giugiaro 3 italdesign giugiaro 4 
 italdesign giugiaro 5 italdesign giugiaro 6 italdesign giugiaro 7 italdesign giugiaro 8




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