Dec 31, 2010

New Years Eve 2010

As the year winds down and we say goodbye to all the fun times of 2010, it's time to gear up for the massive party we're sure you have planned for New Year's Eve. Whether at a bar or a friend's house, a cabin or a five star hotel, New Year's Eve should be rung in with plenty of fun.

let's party...this year's eve... "CHEERS"

Dec 2, 2010


Ready to join the video revolution and shoot Hi-Resolution Videos with a DSLR? Here’s a look at key cameras in this fast-growing and rapidly-evolving category.

HD Video is the buzzword of the day. Nearly every DSLR introduced over the past year has it, but the image quality, resolution, compression scheme and other factors vary greatly from brand to brand, and even from camera to camera within a brand. Let’s take a look at top models as well as up-and-coming new HD-enabled cameras and see which ones make sense for you.

Before reading this article, check out Michael J. McNamara’s article, Video DSLR Basics for Photographers so you will be familiar with the terms used and to help understand the video specs provided.

Please note that in all cases the price listed with each camera is for the body only—lenses are sold separate although if you browse Adorama’s DSLR department you may find many kit options—and that the prices are approximate and accurate as of late October, 2010.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Around $2,500. Check for current price

The Skinny: If the Nikon D90 was the pioneer of HD Video, the Canon EOS 5D Mark II is the refinement that brought DSLR Video recognition as a serious tool for pro video production work. The first DSLR to offer full 1080p resolution, the 5DMII has been embraced by more videographers than any other DSLR. And with a 21.1MP CMOS full-frame sensor, it’s not too shabby when it comes to incredibly high-resolution still photography.

Still Skills: 21.1MP CMOS full-frame sensor, 9 user selectable AF points, plus 6 vertical and horizontal AF assist points, 3-inch LCD monitor with 920k pixel resolution, 3.9fps burst rate, Live View, Face Detection AF, 35-zone TTL metering, ISO range 200-1600, expandable to 6400, shutter speed up to 1/8000 sec, X-sync 1/200 sec.

Video Specs
Video Resolution: 1920x1080 pixels
Frames per Second: 30fps
Aspect Ratio: 9:16
Video compression: Quicktime MOV
Video container: H.264
External Mic Input: Stereo external mic

Canon EOS 7D
Around $1,600. Check for current price

The Skinny: A camera designed to appeal to both professionals and serious amateurs, the 7D is a full-featured DSLR for under two grand. Full HD at 30 frames per second combined with a rugged body and super-fast frame rate make this a great sports and photojournalism camera for both still and video newsgathering.

Still Skills: 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor, ISO range 100-3200, extendable to 12,800, top shutter speed 1/8000 sec, x-sync at 1/250 sec, 63-zone TTL metering, 19-point all cross-type AF, 8fps burst rate, durable shutter, 100% viewfinder coverage, magnesium weather-resistant body.

Video Specs
Video Resolution: 1920x1080, 1280x720 pixels
Frames per Second: 30 (29.97), 24 (23.976) or 25p at 1080p, 60 (59.94), 50 fps at 720p
Aspect Ratio: 9:16
Video compression: MOV
Video container: H.264
External Mic Input: Stereo mini jack

Canon 60D
Price: Around $1,100. Check for current price

The Skinny: The big news here is manual focus control during video recording and full 1080p HD video in a camera, with a very high resolution articulating LCD making life easier for videographers. It’s a solid contender for the hearts and minds of photo enthusiasts looking to add motion.

Still Skills: 18MP APS CMOS sensor, ISO range 100-6400, expandable to 12,800, 5.3fps, 1.040k dot monitor, 62-zone metering, 9-point AF system, SD card, top shutter speed 1/8000 sec, X-sync 1/250 sec,

Video Specs
Video Resolution: 1920x1080 pixels, 1280x720 pixels
Frames per Second: 30, 25 and 24 fps at 1080p, 50 and 60fps in 720p
Aspect Ratio: 9:16
Video compression: MOV
Video container? H.264
External Mic Input Yes, stereo

Canon T2i
Price around $720. Check for current price

The Skinny: In his review of the T2i, Jason Schneider said it is “a transformational camera that provides a level of performance and sophistication that is astounding for a consumer DSLR.” The first in its price level to offer 1080p video resolution, the camera is also a great performer in low light in both still and video.

Still Skills: 18MP CMOS APS sensor, 3.7fps burst rate, 63-zone metering system, 9-poit AF, live view, ISO range 100-6400, 3-inch 1.04 million dot resolution LCD, top shutter speed 1/4000 sec, X-sync 1/200 sec.

Video Specs
Video Resolution: 1920x1080 pixels, 1280x720 pixels
Frames per Second: 30, 25 and 24 fps at 1080p, 50 and 60fps in 720p
Aspect Ratio: 9:16
Video compression: MOV
Video container: H.264
External Mic Input: Yes, Stereo

Nikon D7000
Price: Around $1,200 Check for current price

The Skinny: With the introduction of the D7000, Nikon has shown that it is getting even more serious about video. The first Nikon with full 1080p movie capture and a more generous 20 minute continuous shot limit, the D7000 offers a solid feature set for both video and still photography and although it’s priced for enthusiasts, we can expect some pros will employ it as a main video camera and backup still body.

Still Skills: 16.2MP APS-sized CMOS sensor, ISO range 100-6400, expandable to 25,600, 2,016-pixel RGB matrix sensor, customizable 39-point AF system, bright glass pentaprism finder with 100% frame coverage, twin SD card slots, 3-inch, 921k dot LCD monitor, fully compatible with Nikon i-TTL wireless flash system, D-lighting.

Video Specs
Video Resolution: 1,920x1080, 1,280x720
Frames per Second: 24 fps at 1080p, 24 or 30fps at 720p
Aspect Ratio: 9:16
Video compression: MPEG-4
Video container: MOV, H.264
External Mic Input: Stereo Mic Jack

Nikon D3s
Price: Around $5,200. Check for current price

The Skinny: A full-frame pro camera, the D3s is capable of shooting up to ISO 102,400 (no, that’s not a misprint and yes, you can shoot videos at that ISO), and is designed for sports photography and photojournalism. Because of its larger sensor, expect even higher image quality at all ISOs and uncompromising quality. At its heart, this ruggedized pro tool is a still camera. Its video feature, because of its 5-minute recording limit at full resolution, should be considered a bonus.

Still Skills: Rated by DxOMark as one of the best high-ISO low light performers, the D3s has a 12MP full-frame sensor, burst mode to 9FPS,  thethered shooting possible, 51-point AF system, 1,005-pixel 3D Color Matrix Metering II, scene recognition, dual CF card slots, horizon indicator, fastest shutter speed 1/8000 sec, 1/250 sec x-sync, 4,200 still images per battery charge.

Video Specs
Video Resolution 1,280x720 pixels
Frames per Second 24 fps
Aspect Ratio 9:16
Video compression Motion JPEG - 4
Video container MP42
External Mic Input: Yes, stereo

Nikon D90
Price: Around $850. Check for current price

The Skinny:
This is where the HD Video DSLR revolution began and even though it’s been around for over two years and is being phased out, the D90’s low cost makes it easy to get started while giving users entrée into the vast world of Nikon lenses. 5-minute limit on video clip length might limit some users.

Still Skills: 12MP APS-sized CMOS sensor, 4.5 fps burst rate, ISO range 200-3200, 3-inch 920k LCD monitor, 11-point AF, live-view, 3D Color Matrix Metering II with scene recognition, in-camera image editing, geo-tagging unit available. Shutter speeds up to 1/4000 sec.

Video Specs
Video Resolution: 1280x720 pixels
Frames per Second: 24 fps
Aspect Ratio: 9:16
Video compression: Motion JPEG,
Video container: AVI
External Mic Input: No; internal mono mic

Olympus E-5Price: Approximately $1,700 Check for current price

The Skinny: The only high-end DSLR built around the 17.3x13mm APS sensor, the 12MP E-5 is a rugged camera designed for heavy-duty pro use. Successor to the popular E-3, the E-5 adds creative "Art Filters" so you can apply special effects in camera. A durable shutter, high-resolution flip-out LCD monitor, digital leveler, wireless flash control system, multiple exposure, a field-tested dust reduction system, in-camera image-stabilization, and what Olympus claims is the world's fastest autofocus complete the picture.

Still Skills: Thixomold magnesium-alloy construction, splash and dust protection, shutter mechanism tested to 150,000 cycles, image stabilization claimed to compensate up to 5 shutter speeds, 100% high-eyepoint optical viewfinder and pentaprism, 3-inch, 920k dot swivel LCD, CF and SD card ports, 11-point fully twin cross AF system, 10 built-in Art Filters, multiple aspect ratios, wireless control with FL-36R and FL-50R flash units. IS range 200-6400, EV compensation + or - 5 stops, shutter speeds 60-1/8000 sec, 5 fps burst rate.

Video Specs
Video Resolution: 1280x720p
Frames per Second: 30 fps
Aspect Ratio: 9:16, 4:3
Video compression: M-JPEG, 1/12 (HD); Max. recording time 7 min
Video container: AVI
External Mic Input: Stereo mic available

Pentax K-7
Price: Around $900. Check for current price

The Skinny: Rugged, compact and now incredibly affordable, the Pentax K-7 has a 14.6MP CMOS sensor, is sealed against harsh weather, and offers aspiring videographers an inexpensive way to do serious videos. The main difference between this camera and its pricier successor the K-5 is that the K-5’s sensor is said to produce less grain and has a higher top ISO.

Still Skills: 11-point AF, ISO up to 3200, shake reduction, usable in temps down to 14 degrees F, 5.2fps burst rate, 77-segment metering, pentaprism finder with 100% field of view, shutter speed to 1/8000 sec, improved in-camera HDR.

Video Specs
Video Resolution: 920x1080, 1280x720
Frames per Second: 25fps at 1080p, 30 or 25fps at 720p
Aspect Ratio: 3:2
Video compression: Motion JPEG
Video container: AVI
External Mic Input: 3.5mm Stereo Microphone Jack

Pentax K-5
Price: around $1,600. Check for current price

The Skinny: The successor to the wildly popular K-7, this is a lightweight, ruggedized camera with a 16MP APS-C sensor, a 3-inch, 921k pixel resolution finder, built-in shake reduction, HDR and lots of features found on cameras costing considerably more.

Still Skills: 11-point AF, ISO up to 51,200, shake reduction claimed to shoot at 2.5-4 shutter speeds slower, claimed improved digital noise, usable in temps down to 14 degrees F, 7fps burst rate, 77-segment metering, pentaprism finder with 100% field of view, shutter speed to 1/8000 sec, improved in-camera HDR, in-camera special effects, customizable RAW capture.

Video Specs
Video Resolution:920x1080, 1280x720
Frames per Second: 25fps at 1080p, 30 or 25fps at 720p
Aspect Ratio: 9:16
Video compression: Motion JPEG
Video container: AVI
External Mic Input: 3.5mm Stereo Microphone Jack

Sony a560
Price: Approx. $650. Check current pricing.

The Skinny: A low-priced mid-range DSLR, the Sony A560 has a 14.2MP APS-C sensor, and a tiltable 3-inch LCD monitor with 921.6K resolution. Offers AF during live view, AF during video, ISO to 12800, built-in image stabilization.

Still Skills: Built-in HDR, 3D panorama, high ISO boost to 12,800 and native ISO range 200-1600, 7fps burst rate, 15-point AF sensor, eye-start AF, face detection, smile detection.

Video Specs
Video Resolution: 1920x1080 pixels
Frames per Second: 60i (59..94i Interlace, 29.97 progressive)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Video compression: MPEG-4 AVC (H264)
Video container: AVCHD
External Mic Input: No

Nov 24, 2010

[Review] Toy Story 3

Warning: This review contains spoilers.
Toy Story 3 is like the end of a 15-year relationship. It’s a good friend you know the ins-and-outs of, and, just like that, he’s gone. It’s extremely ironic considering the film itself is all about morality. Every Toy Story stands for major obstacles in life as experienced through the eyes of a young boy’s (then young man’s) toys. This new and final chapter is no different. It’s a beautiful farewell.
This time around, Andy ain’t no kid. He’s going to college and leaving most of his toys behind– admittedly, it’s a bit funny even at his age that he’s still got these old toys in his room, begging the question: did this kid really play with these toys when he was in high school? But that’s another topic all together. So, with Andy off to school it’s time for his toys to go. In the middle of taking them up to the attic for safe keeping, his mother mistakenly throws the bag in the trash.
Being the feisty toys that they are, the gang, still led by Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz (Tim Allen), don’t end up in a random field of trash somewhere. Instead, they go somewhere far worse: day care. At first, everything seems great. They’re told they’ll be played with and loved again, but it all goes wrong when they realize they’re dealing with little toddlers from hell.
Woody escapes the day care to return to Andy, who’s decided to take Woody, and only Woody, to college. However, once he hears about the predicament the rest of the gang’s in, he’s forced choose himself or his friends. Of course, we know what decision he makes.
Plenty of new characters are introduced along the way and they’re just as great and as engaging as the main ensemble. Most notably Ken (terrificly voiced by Michael Keaton) and the slimy-but-understandable villain Lotso (Ned Beatty)
The story is more a less Prison Break, with toys. It’s an escape film and most likely one of the best escape films you’ll ever see. It’s still all the characters we’ve come to love and they’re still more-or-less the same. They’re smart and, most importantly, a team of friends.
They couldn’t have been introduced this time around in a better way either. It starts off with a rather hilarious story like the past films. It’s Andy telling a story with the toys except shown as if it’s actually happening instead of him just banging action figure together clumsily – it’s extremely imaginative, as to be expected from Pixar. The film kicks off quick and never stops running. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that no other film this summer will match the breakneck pacing found here. There’s never a dull moment, nor does it rush through plot points.
There’s a particular scene in the third act that deals with a trash incinerator that’s both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. It’s a moment that puts the gang into near death and you really feel it. Yes, it’s a Pixar film and you know going in that none of them will destroyed or terribly harmed, but at this particular moment it takes you out of your element and it comes off as genuine danger. They do all that they can: stand by each other and hold onto one another. The moment they all grab hands puts the icing on the cake a.k.a. you cry like a baby if you’ve got any feelings in your body at all. They raise the stakes this time around and it’s for the better.
The biggest theme is how time passes and eventually we all face the end. And so do the ones we love. It’s very adult for an animated “kids” film, but it’s what to expect from Pixar. For anyone over eight and grasps the concept of death, the third act will hit like a ton of bricks.  it’ll hit you like a ton of bricks. All the moments of danger – such as the garbage incinerator sequence- make the nostalgic ending all the more beautiful. You couldn’t ask for a better ending.
Being a Pixar film, it’s as visually impressive as one would expect. Everything is wonderfully textured, nearly every shot pops and the 3D, never constrained by dimness. Similar to the film itself, it’s of great quality.
9 out of 10
What did you think of Toy Story 3?

Nov 9, 2010

Classic Art Gets a High-Tech Show

Fine art has always been just a bit mysterious. Not only is the skill needed to create such masterpieces beyond most of us, but the vast majority of us will never get to see the world’s greatest artworks up close. The Haltadefinizione Project is helping with the latter problem by making ultra-high-definition versions available of the greatest art pieces of all time.

The project uses sophisticated digital imaging techniques to bring out the kind of details that previously only art restorers had access to. The unprecedented project gives art lovers a chance to see the paintings they have always admired, but in a whole new way. Parts of the classic paintings which could easily escape notice even when viewing them in person are suddenly revealed in remarkable detail.

Currently, only a handful of paintings are available for viewing on Haltadefinizione’s website. They range from the extremely well-known (Da Vinci’s The Last Supper and Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus) to the less famous but just as amazing (Pontormo’s Deposition, Church of Santa Felicita and Bronzino’s Portrait of Eleonor of Toledo).

The advanced technology used to make the images available online allows one to zoom in for extreme close-ups – close enough that individual brush strokes can be identified and centuries’ worth of cracks in the paint can be counted. Waiting for the images to load requires a bit of patience, but seeing these timeless works of art so closely is definitely worth the wait.

Oct 28, 2010

Coolest Cell Phones from Car Brands

cell phones Featured below phones are result of hard work of designers of luxury car brands and well-known mobile companies. Apart of using expensive materials these cell phones have interesting design and some additional non-standart options.

Liquid E Ferrari Special Edition
We’ve been already written about this cell phone from Acer and Ferrari based on Liquid E – Liquid E Ferrari Special Edition. Special edition features a bright red corp with the familiar shield of Ferrari, surrounded by a strip of carbon fiber; a microphone, designed in the style of the air intake of "Formula 1" car, as well as special screensavers, wallpapers and ringtones.
liguid e
liguid e 2

Nokia 8800 Aston Martin Limited Edition
In 2006 Aston Martin and Nokia have announced the Nokia 8800 Aston Martin Edition. This esclusive iteration of the Nokia 8800 were manufactured in strictly limited numbers and featured laser-etched "Aston Martin" logo on the stainless steel casing.
Nokia 8800 Aston Martin

TAG Heuer Meridiist Automobili Lamborghini
This luxury phone were announced by TAG Heuer at the end of 2009 and comes with Lamborghini model that looks elegant as a phone. The TAG Heuer Meridiist Lamborghini mobile phone features a case made from a combination of hand brushed stainless steel, calfskin leather, and 60.5 carats of sapphire crystal glass on its dual display screens. It’s available in a limited edition of 1963 – as tribute to the year Lamborghini was founded – and costs £5,750.
TAG Heuer Meridiist Automobili Lamborghini

The Hummer HT1
Hummer HT1 was designed by French design company Modelabs in 2007 and features only Hummer branding on it. This phone has ordinary options as for a cell phone and comes in a variety of colors – ranging from yellow to camouflage.
The Hummer HT1
The Hummer HT1 02

Nissan Mobile Phone with Intelligent Key
In 2008 Nissan announced the development of the world’s first Mobile Phone with built-in Intelligent Key. Nissan’s Intelligent Key system employs two-way wireless communications technology to automatically unlock/lock the car door and start/stop the engine. Nissan and Sharp has now integrated these electronic intelligent-key, wireless communications and electromagnetic technologies into the new handset. The Mobile Phone with Built-in Intelligent Key is still in prototype. Models available only in Japan.
Nissan Mobile Phone
Motorola Z8 Ferrari Limited Edition
Launched in 2008 and having all specifications and functions as the original Z8 cell phone Motorola Z8 Ferrari Limited Edition comes in a red and color layout and a Ferrari logo. In addition to special design Z8 Ferrari comes bundled with two Ferrari video clips, pre-registration to the official Ferrari website, Ferrari mobile content and direct links to the popular online magazines like Top Gear, Auto Express, GQ, Esquire and Autosport.
Motorola Z8 Ferrari 1
Motorola Z8 Ferrari

Porsche Design P’9521 & P’9522
The name Porsche stands for exclusivity and stylish design. In collaboration with Sagem Porsche Design launched two luxury phones of different form factors. The first model P9521 is a clam shel phone selling at around 1200 euro. Their second phone P9522 is a full touch screen in candy bar form factor selling at around 600 euro, half of its first phone. Perhaps, these phones aren’t full of latest innovations but their main feature is exceptionally stylish design.

Oct 26, 2010

Top 10 Geniuses

First off, you may be surprised to find that Albert Einstein is not included on this list. The reason is that I have used a table of IQ estimates for historical geniuses to determine the members and order of this list, and Einstein’s IQ (around 160) did not make the grade. Despite that, he is still the first person to pop in to most people’s minds when thinking of a genius. Having said that, here is a list of the ten greatest geniuses in history.

10. Madame De Stael

IQ: 180Wikipedia
In full – Anne-Louise-Germaine Necker, Baronne (baroness) de Staël-Holstein, byname Madame de Staël. Madame de Stael was a French-Swiss woman of letters, political propagandist, and conversationalist, who epitomized the European culture of her time, bridging the history of ideas from Neoclassicism to Romanticism. She also gained fame by maintaining a salon for leading intellectuals. Her writings include novels, plays, moral and political essays, literary criticism, history, autobiographical memoirs, and even a number of poems. Her most important literary contribution was as a theorist of Romanticism. Madame de Stael is on an equal level with René Descartes but I chose to include her rather than him in order to put at least one woman on this list.
9. Galileo Galilei IQ: 185Wikipedia
Galileo was Italian natural philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician who made fundamental contributions to the sciences of motion, astronomy, and strength of materials and to the development of the scientific method. His formulation of (circular) inertia, the law of falling bodies, and parabolic trajectories marked the beginning of a fundamental change in the study of motion. His insistence that the book of nature was written in the language of mathematics changed natural philosophy from a verbal, qualitative account to a mathematical one in which experimentation became a recognized method for discovering the facts of nature. Finally, his discoveries with the telescope revolutionized astronomy and paved the way for the acceptance of the Copernican heliocentric system, but his advocacy of that system in support of his view that the Bible contained errors, eventually resulted in an Inquisition process against him.
8. Bobby Fischer IQ: 187Wikipedia
Fischer Bobby
Bobby is the byname of Robert James Fischer, an American chess master who became the youngest grandmaster in history when he received the title in 1958. His youthful intemperance and brilliant playing drew the attention of the American public to the game of chess, particularly when he won the world championship in 1972. Fischer learned the moves of chess at age 6 and at 16 dropped out of high school to devote himself fully to the game. In 1958 he won the first of many American championships. In world championship candidate matches during 1970–71, Fischer won 20 consecutive games before losing once and drawing three times to former world champion Tigran Petrosyan of the Soviet Union in a final match won by Fischer. In 1972 Fischer became the first native-born American to hold the title of world champion when he defeated Boris Spassky of the Soviet Union in a highly publicized match held in Reykjavík, Iceland. In doing so, Fischer won the $156,000 victor’s share of the $250,000 purse.
7. Ludwig Wittgenstein IQ: 190Wikipedia
in full – Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein was an Austrian-born English philosopher, regarded by many as the greatest philosopher of the 20th century. Wittgenstein’s two major works, Logisch-philosophische Abhandlung (1921; Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, 1922) and Philosophische Untersuchungen (published posthumously in 1953; Philosophical Investigations), have inspired a vast secondary literature and have done much to shape subsequent developments in philosophy, especially within the analytic tradition. His charismatic personality has, in addition, exerted a powerful fascination upon artists, playwrights, poets, novelists, musicians, and even filmmakers, so that his fame has spread far beyond the confines of academic life.
6. Blaise Pascal IQ: 195Wikipedia
Blaise Pascal
Blaise Pascal was a French mathematician, physicist, religious philosopher, and master of prose. He laid the foundation for the modern theory of probabilities, formulated what came to be known as Pascal’s law of pressure, and propagated a religious doctrine that taught the experience of God through the heart rather than through reason. The establishment of his principle of intuitionism had an impact on such later philosophers as Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Henri Bergson and also on the Existentialists.

5. John Stuart Mill IQ: 200Wikipedia
John Stuart Mill was an English philosopher, economist, and exponent of Utilitarianism. He was prominent as a publicist in the reforming age of the 19th century, and remains of lasting interest as a logician and an ethical theorist. Mill was a man of extreme simplicity in his mode of life. The influence that his works exercised upon contemporary English thought can scarcely be overestimated, nor can there be any doubt about the value of the liberal and inquiring spirit with which he handled the great questions of his time. Beyond that, however, there has been considerable difference of opinion about the enduring merits of his philosophy.
4. Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz IQ: 205Wikipedia
300Px-Gottfried Wilhelm Von Leibniz-1
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (also Leibnitz or von Leibniz (July 1 (June 21 Old Style) 1646 – November 14, 1716) was a German philosopher of Sorbian origin who wrote primarily in Latin and French. Educated in law and philosophy, and serving as factotum to two major German noble houses (one becoming the British royal family while he served it), Leibniz played a major role in the European politics and diplomacy of his day. He occupies an equally large place in both the history of philosophy and the history of mathematics. He discovered calculus independently of Newton, and his notation is the one in general use since. He also discovered the binary system, foundation of virtually all modern computer architectures. In philosophy, he is most remembered for optimism, i.e., his conclusion that our universe is, in a restricted sense, the best possible one God could have made.
3. Emanuel Swedenborg IQ: 205Wikipedia
180Px-Emanuel Swedenborg Full Portrait
Emanuel Swedenborg was a Swedish scientist, Christian mystic, philosopher, and theologian who wrote voluminously in interpreting the Scriptures as the immediate word of God. Soon after his death, devoted followers created Swedenborgian societies dedicated to the study of his thought. These societies formed the nucleus of the Church of the New Jerusalem, or New Church, also called the Swedenborgians.
2. Leonardo Da Vinci IQ: 205Wikipedia
Leonardo Da Vinci, Italian painter, draftsman, sculptor, architect, and engineer whose genius, perhaps more than that of any other figure, epitomized the Renaissance humanist ideal. His Last Supper (1495–98) and Mona Lisa (c. 1503–06) are among the most widely popular and influential paintings of the Renaissance. His notebooks reveal a spirit of scientific inquiry and a mechanical inventiveness that were centuries ahead of their time. The unique fame that Leonardo enjoyed in his lifetime and that, filtered by historical criticism, has remained undimmed to the present day rests largely on his unlimited desire for knowledge, which guided all his thinking and behaviour.
1. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe IQ: 210Wikipedia
Goethe, German poet, playwright, novelist, scientist, statesman, theatre director, critic, and amateur artist, is considered the greatest German literary figure of the modern era. Goethe is the only German literary figure whose range and international standing equal those of Germany’s supreme philosophers (who have often drawn on his works and ideas) and composers (who have often set his works to music). In the literary culture of the German-speaking countries, he has had so dominant a position that, since the end of the 18th century, his writings have been described as “classical.” In a European perspective he appears as the central and unsurpassed representative of the Romantic movement, broadly understood.
Sources: Genius IQ Estimates, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Wikipedia

Sep 29, 2010

Commonwealth Games 2010, Venues List, Competition Schedule, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

India is very exciting on Common Wealth Games 2010 being in Delhi.

In the past history this is the second time that such kind of a grand event will be organized in Asia. Opening and closing ceremonies of Commonwealth Games will be held at Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, Delhi. On the 14th’Oct’2010 public holiday is declared on closing of this event. Mr. Suresh Kalmadi, president of Indian Olympic Association will be the head of the organizing committee.

At least of 2.6 million people are expected to come in Delhi to participate as viewer of Common Wealth Games 2010. This is sure to lack of accommodation in Delhi.

Commonwealth Games 2010 Venues List

1. Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Delhi – Athletics, lawn bowls, weightlifting

2. Dhyan Chand National Stadium – Hockey

3. Indira Gandhi Arena – Archery, cycling, gymnastics, wrestling

4. Delhi University sports complex – Rugby sevens

5. Thyagaraj Stadium – Netball

6. Siri Fort Sports Complex – Badminton, Squash

7. Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Range – Shooting

8. Talkatora Stadium – Boxing

9. SPM Swimming Pool Complex – Aquatics

10. RK Khanna Tennis Complex – Tennis

11. Yamuna Sports Complex – Table tennis

For More details visit at the link given below

Commonwealth Games 2010 :

Aug 13, 2010

Apple Releases iOS 3.2.2 Security Patch for iPad

Apple had acted to plug the PDF security hole in the iPad and iPhone 4, today issuing iOS 3.2.2 for iPad and iOS 4.0.2 for iPhone 4. As Engadget reports, the sole purpose of the update is to fix the PDF exploit vulnerability, or as Apple puts it, the update “fixes security vulnerability associated with viewing malicious PDF files”. Unfortunately for those jail breakers out there, the main side-effect of the new update is that anyone installing the update will no longer be able to use the Jail method to jailbreak their iPad or iPhone 4, as the method and the malicious PDF code hack used the same security hole to access your device, in fact, the discovery of the security hole was actually as a result of JailBreakMe being released. Don’t fret though, jailbreakers, I’m sure they’re working on a new way to jailbreak your iPad and iPhone as we talk! But for some this may be a bad info..!! :)

Jul 29, 2010

Trailer of SKAT FILMS INC.'s short film venture 'Pinpulam'

Trailer of SKAT FILMS INC.'s short film venture 'Pinpulam'

Jul 15, 2010

Toyota aims green with the launch of ‘new-to-market’ green vehicles in 2012

toyotas new to market green vehicles aims for 2012
Going green is what Japanese automakers earnestly aim at. Coming up to the occasion, Toyota plans to introduce three “new-to-market” green vehicles in 2012, a company source said. Three vehicles are: a battery electric vehicle (BEV), a plug-in version of the Prius and an as-yet-unveiled variant of the Prius. Among the three, BEV will be similar to the electric version of the iQ, unveiled at 2009 Detroit auto show and the second Prius variant vehicle will the much talked about MPV version of the hybrid. The second Prius vehicle will commence the creation of an ongoing family of vehicles that will carry Prius badge. Unfortunately, details are scant about the launch or price etc., however; there are also prospects about Toyota selling the electric vehicle only in certain markets that provide sufficient infrastructure to support the vehicle. For more info stay tuned.
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Jul 12, 2010

15 Must Have Games for the iPad

Last winter we presented 30 Must Have Games for the iPhone and iPod touch. That garnered your attention and plenty of comments, so we’re happy to present its natural sequel, 15 Must Have Games for the iPad.

As with the first feature, let us underscore that we do not consider this to be a list of the best games for the iPad, or superlative games in any specific category. Instead, this is a collection of games vetted by The Loop as being fun to play and standouts for one reason or another. So please don’t take umbrage if you don’t see your favorite game listed. But by all means use the comment section below to share with other readers your thoughts on this list and any other iPad games you think are excellent.
Flight Control HD
Firemint wasted no time, hitting launch day for the iPad with a release of Flight Control HD, an updated version of its eminently popular iPhone air traffic control game. You rack up points by safely landing a variety of airplanes and helicopters onto their runways and landing pads. If any of them collide, the game is over. Firemint did more than just scale up the graphics to work on the iPad, however – Flight Control HD also adds new maps and a fun, quirky “3D” mode that provides the illusion of depth if you wear a pair of red/blue “anaglyph” glasses (not included, of course, but available in online, novelty shops and elsewhere).
15 Must Have Games for the iPad ~ Flight Control HD
Warpgate HD
Freeverse had been working on its ambitious action/RPG game Warpgate initially as an iPhone game, but the iPad caused them to pause the iPhone version and rework it initially as an iPad release. Envisioned as a touch-based variant on Elite or as a latter-day Escape Velocity for you Mac game enthusiasts, Warpgate puts you in the pilot’s chair of an interstellar spacecraft as you seek your fortune. You can deliver cargo, become a pirate, participate in missions that move a storyline along and more. The game’s graphics are exquisite, its scale is immense – three dozen star systems, each chock-full of planets and space stations to interact with, tons of different starships to control and lots more.
Pool Pro Online 3
Despite the name this is the first installment of this long-running franchise to come to iOS. Namco’s Pool Pro Online 3 enables you to play pool – eight-ball, nine-ball and snooker – against computer controlled players or other gamers playing from iPads, iPhones, other smartphones and computers, thanks to Namco’s own proprietary multiplayer underpinnings. The game has a ton of unlockable content like new tables and background environments, new ball sets, new cue sticks and more. Guides help you line up your shot, and realistic physics let the balls carom around the table just like you’d expect.
15 Must Have Games for the iPad ~ Pro Pool
We Rule
Ngmoco sought to capture a bit of Zynga’s Farmville mojo with We Rule, a kingdom-building game that heavily leverages Ngmoco’s Plus+ Network social networking apparatus. You build a kingdom full of shops that your friends can place orders in, and you do the same – as you interact with each other, you gain experience and increase each others’ coffers. As your levels increase, you’re able to populate your kingdom with better and more elaborate services. We Rule on iPad is much easier to use than We Rule on the iPhone because of the increased screen size, and like its iPhone counterpart, it has the virtue of being free (unless you buy “mojo” which enables you to complete orders and construction instantly).
15 Must Have Games for the iPad ~ We Rule
LED Football Player vs Player
Long-time readers know there’s a special place in our heart for TouchGrove’s LED Football, which recreates the ancient LED-based Mattel Football game from the 1970s on the iPhone. So it should be no surprise then, that TouchGrove’s LED Football Player vs Player also made the list of iPad games. This game builds on the original Mattel Football-style gameplay concept by introducing a head-to-head game that two players can play on opposite sides of the iPad simultaneously. Obviously you have to be a retro-gamer (or in your 30s or 40s) to appreciate this fully, but it’s a heck of a nostalgia trip and lots of fun head-to-head play to boot.
Geometry Wars Touch
We’ll admit that we were skeptical when we first downloaded Geometry Wars Touch for the iPad. Could a game that originated on consoles, and one that seemed to be so fixed for dual thumbstick-based controllers, do well on the iPad? Color us impressed. Geometry Wars Touch is a fast and frantic arcade-style action game that features colorful and spectacular vector-style graphics. You move and fire in different directions by placing your thumbs at the bottom of the screen – “virtual” sticks are created wherever you place your fingers. It’s a clever setup that works well, and several different game modes, online leaderboards, and a new gameplay mode called “Titans” will keep you busy for quite some time.
Plants vs Zombies HD
Popcap Games’ incomparable Plants vs. Zombies has already had a hugely successful run on the Mac, PC and iPhone, so it only makes sense to bring the game to the iPad as well. And the iPad version doesn’t disappoint – it’s the same casual tower defense game we’ve all loved from the start, in which you protect your house (and your brains) from a zombie onrush by planting decidedly hostile vegetation in your yard. But truth be told, if you already have the other versions of PvZ, this isn’t a must-have – Plants vs. Zombies HD isn’t substantially different than its predecessors. It does make a fine iPad game, however, so it deserves your attention.
Need for Speed Shift
While there are more realistic racing games for the iPad, such as Firemint’s Real Racing HD, We’re more fond of EA’s Need for Speed Shift, simply because it’s so much fun to play. You can get behind the wheel of a variety of real-world cars – everything from your basic ecoracer Volkswagen Golf GTI to superexotics like the Koenigsegg CCX, earning money by winning races so you can buy new cars and upgrade them with new performance parts. You race across four circuits – Chicago, London, Tokyo and a World Tour – and can play in single-player or multiplayer races (local only, either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi).
15 Must Have Games for the iPad ~ Need
For Speed: Shift
Labyrinth II HD
Illusion Labs’ Labyrinth II HD is one our favorite ways to show people unfamiliar with the iPad how intuitive gameplay can be, thanks to the built-in accelerometer. Designed to look like a wooden maze game, you tilt the iPad back and forth to maneuver a steel ball through the maze, around pitfalls of all conceivable shapes and sizes – from the mundane, like holes in the board, to the esoteric, such as lasers and magnets. Labyrinth II HD features single player and multiplayer levels and expandability – you can download dozens of new levels to continue the gameplay.
15 Must Have Games for the iPad ~ Labyrinth 2
Foosball HD
In our continuing quest to find games that are fun for players to go head-to-head on, we present Foosball HD. From the same developers who brought us Labyrinth II HD comes Foosball HD, a recreation of the classic table soccer game found in pubs, family rooms and arcades the world over. The game lets you play alone or with another person, and gameplay is simple and intuitive (you give each handle a flick to send your men spinning, kicking a soccer ball across the table pitch and hopefully into the opponent’s goal). There are six rods (three for each team), compared to eight on the full-sized tables we’ve seen, but that doesn’t diminish the game play or the fun.
15 Must Have Games for the iPad ~ Foosball
The War of Eustrath HD
A tactical strategy RPG with strong anime overtones, The War of Eustrath HD puts you in control of giant fighting robots called “GEARs.” The game sprawls across 50 campaign stages with over 40 units to command, special abilities and upgrades, plus plenty of cutscenes and dialogue to keep the story moving. To that end, the dialogue is a bit stilted (and error-prone at times), but it’s a lot of fun for fans of tactical strategy.
15 Must Have Games for the iPad ~ The War of Eustrath HD
Words with Friends HD
The folks behind Ngmoco’s We Rule also created a Scrabble-style multiplayer crossword game called Words with Friends HD. All the features you’d expect are here – double word and triple letter scores, the ability to play against friends and complete strangers, a pass and play mode that lets you use a single iPad between two players, and simple drag-and-drop mechanics. For $3, it’s a fraction of what the “official” Scrabble game costs, and just as fun.
Twin Blades HD
A gun-wielding nun killing zombies. Need we say more? This side-scrolling action game has an iPhone variant as well, but Twin Blades HD positively shines on the iPad, with rich-detailed cartoon-style graphics and animation. You have to save the town from a horde of brain-chomping zombies using weapons ranging from a scythe to a machine gun to nukes. There are bosses to confront, 10 different environments, and online score tracking through the popular OpenFeint service. If you’re a fan of kawaii-style manga or anime, you’ll love the graphics here – big heads, big eyes and adorably cute characters.
Espgaluda II
Let us say at the outset that Espgaluda II is not a native iPad game – it’s an iPhone game. It’s the only such game on our list, in fact. But that doesn’t mean it’s not awesome to play on the iPad. It’s a “bullet-hell” style shooter originally developed for the Xbox 360, and later adapted for the iPhone 3GS and third-generation iPod touch. Pixel-doubled graphics don’t diminish how awesome Espgaluda II is to play on the iPad – it’s a real arcade-style Japanese manic shooter that’s actually more fun to play on the iPad than the iPhone.



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