Apr 7, 2010

Indian students invented first ever Cellphone controlled tractor

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Working with tractor in the scotching sun may irritate you to grate extant. But what if you could operate tractor with you cell phone from anywhere? A great deal, of course.
Two students from Polytechnic College in Moga city of Punjab, India with the intent to help the farmers have invented what comes out to be the first tractor controlled by a cellphone.
In order to make this tractor function efficiently, it is equipped with camera sensor that can identify any obstacle from approximately 10 feet and automatically stops the machine, thus avoiding any complication.
The steering, clutch, brakes, everything can be controlled with the buttons of mobile no matter if you do it from you balcony or from US or Canada for that matter. So, no more toil in the withering heat of the sun, as now you can do it from your AC room.
Via: GW
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