Jun 27, 2010

Windows XP-Turbo 3D SP3 2010 (Update June 2010)

Windows XP-Turbo 3D SP3 2010 (Update June 2010)
Windows XP-Turbo 3D SP3 2010 (Update June 2010 | 660.2Mb

New Tech Here !! Enter the exciting world with the exclusive tech .. (Future 3D Effect Technology)
It's Windows XP-Turbo 3D SP3 2010 .. Stable, Fast, Safe, Strong, Charming 3D appearance in the icons, wallpapers, themes ,the movement of windows and every thing. Windows XP-Turbo 3D SP3 2010 comes With a powerful collection of the most important full programs (optional install). It integrated with the latest updates and hotfixes. All this and more .. Sure you will feel the difference ..with an interface similar to windows 7

Release Name: Windows XP-Turbo 3D SP3 2010
System: Windows XP Professional SP3 Original MSDN
Year: 2009
CD Key: Already Slipstreamed Original Key
Activation: Already activated
Install method: Unattended
File format: ISO
Size: 700 MB
Accept updates from Microsoft

Programs Added: (optional install)
Avira Antivirus
yahoo messenger 10
Multiyahoo messenger regit
flash player
windows media player 11
K-lite Kodec
icon resize
Icon Pakager
Hitman pro 3.5
Mozilla Firefox 3.5
True transperncy
Vista Rainbar
visual Tooltip
Refrech icon cache
Crystal Rocket dock
Dock Vieena
Microsoft Geniune Advantage
Netframework 2
winrar 3.8
Advanced task Manager
Clean Unistaller 3
Error Repair proffesional V3

More than 15 New 3D styler Themes
3D Icons
3D wallpapers

Download link:

Jun 22, 2010

Quickly hibernate Windows 7 PC from a custom shortcut icon

Though its a simple trick.. its quite useful ..when you do want to have fast move..!
hibernate windows 7 pc in a jiffy
Hibernate mode is a power saving option that lets you restore the last state of your running programs and applications. So today I’ll show you how to make a shortcut desktop icon for accessing and using the hibernate option for you Windows 7 PC in just one click.
Right-click anywhere on your desktop and select New->Shortcut. Then type-in following in the box “Type the location of the item
C:WindowsSystem32rundll32.exe powrprof.dll, SetSuspendState 0,1,0
change hibernate icon
Click “OK” to proceed.
# Type-in the name for this shortcut, for example here it will be “Hibernate”.

You can customize the shortcut icon by right-clicking on it, choosing “Properties” and then clicking on “Change Icon”.
windows 7 hibernate change icon
# Copy and paste the following in the field “Look for icons in the file”.
choose from the icons

 This will prop-up a window having the list of various icons that you can choose for the hibernate shortcut.
# You can put this icon in start menu items or the Taskbar for easy access.

Jun 18, 2010

How to speed up your Windows 7 workflows

fast windows 7
7Plus is an open source project that aims at boosting the already existent smooth functionality of Windows 7. For example let’s say that it adds features like pasting text/image from clipborad as a file, navigating to your favorite folders with Numpad keys, upload files to an FTP server directly from explorer, etc. take a jump for the illustration of some of the features that enhance your Windows 7 experience using the 7 Plus application program.
# Store favorite folders and recall them for very fast navigation
# Create new folders and textfiles by pressing F8/F7
# Set windows to be “Always on top” by right clicking the title bar 
# Paste previous clipboard text entries by pressing WIN+V 
Get your 7 Plus copy for Windows 7 and speed up your workflows for better time saving and a richer Windows 7 experience, click here for download options.

Jun 15, 2010

Wind driven Rickshaw is a wind-human hybrid vehicle

wind driven rickshaw
Though Rickshaw is one the most Eco-friendly vehicles but pedaling one is a herculean task that leaves the puller sweating from head to toe. But a pedicab driver from Nepal has a different story to tell when he eased the effort by installing a windmill to his rickshaw. Built by a professor in the next town, the wind mill was made of metal drum that works as a windmill to help provide extra thrust to the pedicab. Dubbed the wind-human hybrid vehicle, the windmill is connected to the rear wheel with a side-mounted gear, which would make the pedicab easier to pedal in a tailwind – pretty similar to Wind powered car we discussed earlier.

Jun 12, 2010

Hot Water Really Can Freeze Faster Than Cold Water

icy hot Hot Water Really Can Freeze Faster Than Cold Water
Hot water really can freeze faster than cold water, a new study finds. Sometimes. Under extremely specific conditions. With carefully chosen samples of water.
sciencenewsNew experiments provide support for a special case of the counterintuitive Mpemba effect, which holds that water at a higher temperature turns to ice faster than cooler water.
The Mpemba effect is named for a Tanzanian schoolboy, Erasto B. Mpemba, who noticed while making ice cream with his classmates that warm milk froze sooner than chilled milk. Mpemba and physicist Denis Osborne published a report of the phenomenon in Physics Education in 1969. Mpemba joined a distinguished group of people who had also noticed the effect: Aristotle, Francis Bacon and René Descartes had all made the same claim.
On the surface, the notion seems to defy reason. A container of hot water should take longer to turn into ice than a container of cold water, because the cold water has a head start in the race to zero degrees Celsius.
But under scientific scrutiny, the issue becomes murky. The new study doesn’t explain the phenomenon, but it does identify special conditions under which the Mpemba effect can be seen, if it truly exists.
“All in all, the work is a nice beginning, but not systematic enough to do more than confirm it can happen,” comments water expert David Auerbach, whose own experiments also suggest that the effect does occur.
Papers published over the last decade, including several by Auerbach, who performed his research while at the Max Planck Institute for Flow Research in Göttingen, Germany, have documented instances of hot water freezing faster than cold, but not reproducibly, says study author James Brownridge of State University of New York at Binghamton. “No one has been able to get reproducible results on command.”
That’s what Brownridge has done. One of his experiments, presented online, repeatedly froze a sample of hot water faster than a similar sample of cool water.
Note the word similar. In order for the experiment to work, the cool water had to be distilled, and the hot water had to come from the tap.
In the experiment, about two teaspoons of each sample were held in a copper device that completely surrounded the water, preventing evaporation and setting reasonably even temperatures. Freezing was official when sensors picked up an electrical signal created by ice formation.
Brownridge heated the tap water to about 100° C, while the distilled water was cooled to 25° C or lower. When both samples were put into the freezer, the hot water froze before the cold water. Brownridge then thawed the samples and repeated the experiment 27 times. Each time, the hot tap water froze first.
The experiment worked because the two types of water have different freezing points, Brownridge says. Differences in the shape, location and composition of impurities can all cause water’s freezing temperature — which in many cases is below zero degrees C — to vary widely. With a higher freezing point, the tap water had an edge that outweighed the distilled water’s lower temperature.
Because the experiment didn’t compare two identical samples of water, the mystery of the Mpemba effect is not really solved. “I’m not arrogant enough to say I’ve solved this,” Brownridge says. But he has set some guidelines about when the effect can be seen.
Physical chemist Christoph Salzmann of the University of Durham in England says he’s not convinced the Mpemba effect really exists, because there are innumerable things that influence the timing of freezing, making it impossible to completely control.
Predicting how long it will take for a water sample to crystallize “is a bit like trying to predict when the next earthquake or crash of the stock market will happen,” he says. “I would not want to say that the Mpemba effect does not exist. But I have still not been convinced of its existence.”

Jun 10, 2010

Photosynthesis Car – A revolutionary concept powered by photosynthetic process

photosynthesis car
To think about a future wherein cars will be powered by self generated energy doesn’t seem too far. Coming up to the occasion, designers Michal Vlcek and Klavir have envisioned a revolutionary vehicle incorporating one of its kind solar panels that generate energy from natural photosynthetic process. Hailed as the Photosynthesis Car, the vehicle grows its own turfs and plants that produce sustainable energy to power the car and seat the passengers in natural vicinity as well. With its futuristic nano plastic body and joystick controls, the vehicle is powered by an electric engine and all these components together provide not only clean and green ride but allows safe and easy driving. From the pictures, the essence of its design element seems great, but unfortunately we aren’t having any technical info about as to how the vehicle will exploit the photosynthetic process to power the vehicle.

photosynthesis car 1photosynthesis car 1photosynthesis car 3photosynthesis car 2

Jun 8, 2010

Top 5 Scientific Experiments Gone Wrong

Do you know that we are surrounded with scientific experiments that have gone right? Yes, most of the technologies and innovations that we see and use today were once an idea that evolved as a need but gradually scientists and researchers started working on it until the experiments went right and the final product was safe and successful. However, converting one idea into reality is not a joke and it might take years for scientist to achieve something that is unimaginable. Many scientists and researchers continuously work hard in labs to get the desired results out of the experiment and the sad part is that sometimes scientific experiments go wrong and have disastrous effects on environment and human beings as well.

Vanguard Rocket Explosion

Vanguard Rocket Explosion
Vanguard Rocket Explosion
Rocket explosions are nothing new to top scientific companies because there are thousands of such cases when rockets have been blown into pieces soon after they are launched. However, Vanguard rocket expedition in 1957 was  a huge project that was supported by the United States of America and rocket exploded the very next second it was launched which means the rocket did not launched itself in air but simple burst into pieces shattering the dreams and expectations of various top scientists in USA. (image source)

Biosphere 2

Biosphere 2
Biosphere 2
Settling on moon is on top list for most NASA scientist because they want to find out if people can live on moon or any other planet where people really don’t have the luxury of air, water and food. So, an experiment was performed on few volunteers where they need to live under a huge dome and sustain themselves with air and water produced by certain plants. Many volunteers died due to hunger and the experiment was called off immediately. After the event, no scientist ever thought of attempting such an experiment that would risk the life of volunteers. (Image Source)

Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear Fusion
Nuclear Fusion
Nuclear fusion experiments are common to people who are in scientific world but these failed experiments can be very deadly if they go wrong beyond our imagination. One such failed fusion experiment happened in 2002 when strong sound waves were forced to pass through acetone. Immediately, the acetone reacted and bubbles were created that expanded and blew up at very high temperature. Hopefully, no one was hurt but they found out that they were almost right with their experiment but failed to achieve the desired temperature. (Image Source)

AIDS Vaccine
AIDS Vaccine

AIDS is quickly covering most part of the planet as more and more people are getting affected with the disease. Top pharmaceutical and medicine companies are constantly working with their research teams to come out with vaccines that would attack the AIDS virus and resolve the situation. University of Oxford and University of Nairobi together came up with a new AIDS vaccine that they tried on various random patients. As per the vaccine it would boost the immune system of an individual so that they can fight the AIDS virus but the response was very dull and it was found that the vaccine dies off immediately after given which disappointed researchers of both teams. (Image Source)

The Aether Wind

The Aether Wind
The Aether Wind
The nature of light has always attracted top scientists from all over the world and somewhere towards the end of 19thcentury people studied that light was behaving like a wave rather than going in a straight direction. They tried to studied the fact and found that such nature of light could be because of the motion of the Earth in space. Polish American scientist Albert Michelson designed an interferometer that could measure the speed of light and detect the wind effect as well but light again reacted in the normal way and they didn’t find any wave motion after that. (Image Source)

Jun 5, 2010

Amazing Self-Healing Hydrogel Material

When we think of peak oil and how best to cut down on our fossil fuel consumption, most of us only think of transportation alternatives. But the fact is that producing plastics also uses up quite a lot of oil. Could finding an alternative to plastic be a solution to our dwindling oil supply? Researchers at the University of Tokyo think it’s a step in the right direction, and they think that their new invention could be just the alternative material we need. Takuzo Aida and his team created a hydrogel that’s strong enough to support itself on a self-standing bridge (see above), flexible and – maybe best of all – self-healing.
The material is composed of around 95 percent water mixed with small amounts of microscopic clay disks, sodium polyacrylate, and a special molecule called “G3 binder.” The gel is very easily formed and is ready to use within three minutes. The strength and elasticity of the material depend on how much of each component ingredient is included in the mix. Due to its high water content and ability to heal itself, the new material could be highly useful in tissue engineering and prosthetics. As of now, the components used are still derived from fossil fuels, but hopefully non-petroleum sources could be found to make the compound more environmentally friendly while maintaining its beneficial qualities.



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