Jun 1, 2010

Stereo Photography Track - quick and dirty

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 Some time ago I stumbled (again) over some stereo pictures. This time I had to build my  own simple rig. I am not going in depth of the principles of stereo or 3D photography; there are many and very detailed web pages about this subject. I rather show a solution that practically everyone can build by her(him)self  (At least with the help of a good friend).

In the last step you find a few pictures for 'cross-eyed' and 'parallel' viewing.
A little guide to 3D viewing you find HERE

Find the Materials

Question was, how do I move my camera 2.5" or ~6.5cm in either direction. Somehow it has to slide to the left and right. Alright, you need a 'track' and you need a carrier for the camera.
I sifted through all the stuff in my basement and found this steel track, maybe once used for a sliding door. Also a nice piece of hardwood where a cutoff piece of this track would ride on.

Find the Materials

Cut the Track

The wood was 1" thick. With a bit of sanding it would fit nicely into the metal piece. I drew up a sketch and run over to my friend, an experience wood worker. A few cuts on the table-saw later I had a nice track my metal carrier could ride on.
Cut the Track
stereo track02_01.JPGstereo track02_02.JPG

Build the Camera Carrier

The mounting hole at the bottom of a camera is made to accept a 1/4" - 20 screw. Back in my basement I drilled a 1/4" hole in the middle of the metal piece, inserted a 1/2" long screw and secured it with a nut. There was enough thread sticking out to screw the camera on.
Build the Camera Carrier
stereo track03_01.JPGstereo track03_02.JPG

The Job Done

All in all it didn't take me longer than 2 hours and to be honest, the assembly was a bit wobbly first. I inserted some Styrene shims and now the whole contraption slides smoothly back and forth , or rather right (first picture) to left (second picture).
I hope at least some of you can enjoy my first stereo pictures I took this evening in my yard.
The first 5 pictures are for 'cross-eyed' viewing, the rest are for people who find it easier to use 'parallel' viewing.

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I'm Balaji Wishvam, an engineering student in Tamilnadu, India. I'm but interested in arts and animation a lot.I’m more interested in PHOTOGRAPHY a lot… I’ve shifting thoughts and got some interest in Technology too particularly in innovative gadgets, robotics, quantum physics, etc.
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