Jun 10, 2010

Photosynthesis Car – A revolutionary concept powered by photosynthetic process

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photosynthesis car
To think about a future wherein cars will be powered by self generated energy doesn’t seem too far. Coming up to the occasion, designers Michal Vlcek and Klavir have envisioned a revolutionary vehicle incorporating one of its kind solar panels that generate energy from natural photosynthetic process. Hailed as the Photosynthesis Car, the vehicle grows its own turfs and plants that produce sustainable energy to power the car and seat the passengers in natural vicinity as well. With its futuristic nano plastic body and joystick controls, the vehicle is powered by an electric engine and all these components together provide not only clean and green ride but allows safe and easy driving. From the pictures, the essence of its design element seems great, but unfortunately we aren’t having any technical info about as to how the vehicle will exploit the photosynthetic process to power the vehicle.

photosynthesis car 1photosynthesis car 1photosynthesis car 3photosynthesis car 2
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