May 18, 2010

10 Steampunk PCs that might rebel against your Macs

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steampunk laptop 2
Steampunk is perhaps the most tangible fantasy, which straightaway connects your ultra-modern lifestyle to the classic Victorian era. It’s not the first time that we’ve been amazed by the fantastic steampunk creations, but these sleek vintage computers and peripherals have furthered our craving for this mystic art.
1. Steampunk Workshop all-in-one PC
steampunk workshop all in one pc
With 24″ widescreen monitor, this Pentium IV motherboard and a 250 GB SATA drive is a beautifully crafted steampunk PC.
2. Steampunk Monitor Mod
steampunk monitor mod
It’s a masterpiece crafted by Australia’s Mad Uncle Cliff. It’s fully-functional PC, speakers and LCD system.
3. Steampunk PC Mod by Mr. Red
Mr. Red’s PC Mod won first position in NVIDIA and Marka’s co-organized SPEAK VISUALS competition. It’s a glamorous creation with meticulous wood work synced with high-end computer configuration.
4. Datamancer LCD Computer Mod
datamancer lcd computer mod
Sporting the elegance of brass, this Datamancer PC Mod features 22″ LCD monitor with base finessed with a mixture of brass and black marble with a small brass “cord catch”.
5. The Data Mancer Laptop
data mancer laptop
The Datamancer’s Steampunk Laptop is simply incredible to look at. It’s a fully working computer that used “custom-built ratcheting switch made from old clock parts.”

6. 1930 Typewriter Laptop
steampunk laptop 2
It’s all been built in wood and with original 1930’s typewriter parts. Not only the PC looks astounding, but also possesses features like USB ports, Ethernet, wi-fi, DVD drive, etc.
7. The Kowal Laptop
kowal portable typewriter and adding machine1
kowal portable typewriter and adding machine2
Mary Robinette Kowal has done this sleek steampunk notebook, and dubbed it has “The Kowal Portable Typewriter and Adding Machine.”
8. Steampunk Pismo PowerBook
steampunk powerbook1
Mr. Mordasky at Mac Mod has designed this rebellious Mac in steampunk style. He used broken clock parts, aluminium sheet metal and some bronze paint to adorn a Mac in vintage style.
9. DIY Steampunk XO OLPC
steampunk xo olpc
It’s a DIY project, which may have you create your own cute vintage laptop.
10. Steampunk Lenovo ideapad
steampunk lenovo ideapad1
steampunk lenovo ideapad2
Sagaciousblonde Recreated the Lenovo ideapad with wood-grained vinyl, a gear-patterned decal, some silver-leafed gears and dichroic glass cabs.
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