Mar 23, 2010

Make More Money With Adsense - Secret

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The AdSense is the platform for contextual ads from Google and is one of many ways to monetize website traffic. For every click in AdSense ads, Google shares with the owner of the website where the click was produced, a portion of the amount paid by the advertiser.
How to earn more money with AdSense? There are basically two ways to earn more money with Google ads:

1 - Get more traffic to your site - attracting more visitors to your website will generate more clicks on the ads, which means more money into your pocket.
2 - Optimize the articles for keywords that pay a higher value per click - the clicks do not all have the same value. There are keywords that pay more per click and others that pay less. What you have to do is find the keywords that pay the highest values per click. You can find them for example by using a proper software. So with the same number of clicks you will earn much more money.
Imagine a word that pays $ 0.05 per click. You would need 20 clicks to earn $ 1. On the other hand, with word that pays $ 0.50 per click, you only need 2 clicks to earn that same $ 1. The idea is therefore to find the words that pay more, write articles and optimize them for the high paying keywords.
Instead of investing time and money to get more traffic, You should invest in the writing of more relevant articles that lead to the display of more valuable AdSense ads. Thus, with much less traffic you will make much more money!
This is a wise technique to increase AdSense earnings. All the professional internet marketers take advantage of this simple and very profitable method.
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